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Knowbl Showcases Partnership Readiness with Certification

February 13, 2023
Knowbl Showcases Partnership Readiness with Certification featured image

Knowbl is a leader in the Large Language Model (LLM) marketplace and has recently announced being certified under the Service Organization Controls (SOC) II Type 2 certification. This announcement reinforces our commitment to providing secure technology solutions and enablement services, as well as giving its clients a sense of trust when dealing with sensitive business information.

The certification provides assurance that we are meeting industry standards set forth by auditors and independent third parties. This demonstrates our dedication to partnership readiness in the enterprise marketplace, while also meeting customer expectations when it comes to protecting data through security protocols.

In addition to the certification, Knowbl has also implemented various extra measures such as multi-factor authentication, a Knowbl Security Trust Page, and user activity logging to further protect our client privacy and confidential data. This positions us perfectly to capitalize on recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology which can help businesses manage risk across industries including technology, finance, insurance, and more.

The investment in this certification shows an increased awareness among industry players about safeguarding plans, information, and outcomes while still delivering value through innovative services aimed at improving process efficiencies in the enterprise. Knowbl is paving the way for a more secure future in providing best-in-class service delivery for customer and employee experience teams.