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Making Bots Better by Leveraging Transformer-Based Solutions

March 16, 2023
Making Bots Better by Leveraging Transformer-Based Solutions featured image

“Transformers” are no longer just toys that change from a vehicle, device, or animal, to a robot action figure and back again. Instead, in the world of conversational AI, transformers are a type of artificial neural network architecture that evolve conversational AI solutions far beyond what was previously possible.

Transformers enable applications like ChatGPT by providing an efficient pre-training phase on massive corpora spanning many topics and phrasings. Accelerated expectations from OpenAI’s GPT-3 users pose a large challenge for enterprise executives in charge of customer experience and contact centers. Addressing these challenges to yield increased capabilities for chatbots and Conversational AI is creating a new category of firms, such as Knowbl.

View the free whitepaper “Making Bots Better by Leveraging Transformer-Based Solutions.” Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder with Opus Research, details the importance of adopting transformers and how companies like Knowbl leverage pre-trained models to provide brands the building blocks they need to construct better bots and robust conversational experiences.

Download the white paper here