The Conversational AI Divide

September 20, 2023

06: The Pastor & The Real MVP

Jay sits down with Sunny Lee and Brent Ferris, two experienced customer-facing experts at Knowbl, a company that thrives on making it easy to be awesome. In this episode, they talk about their core values and their golden rule, Purpose! Get an inside look on how Knowbl operates with a people-over-product mindset. The group shares invaluable advice for company executives eager to harness the power of AI and deliver exceptional self-service help to customers, all while solving pain points and identifying self-service gaps. Join us as we explore how Knowbl is committed to helping businesses succeed by focusing on customer relationships and adding real value to your company.
September 6, 2023

05: The Godfather

Jay is joined by Jared Benesh, a 25 year veteran of the CX industry and a transformational change leader, or as Jay likes to call him ‘The Godfather’. Their discussion around AI and it’s future and what’s holding businesses back from joining the wave of the future is sure to inspire those looking to get a head of the game. It's better to go in and try, fail and learn then it is to watch from the sidelines, you can’t win the game unless you’re on the field. Don’t be paralyzed and left behind, the well thought out calculated risk is worth it in the long run!
August 23, 2023

04: The Voice of Reason

Join host Matt Taylor, Co-Founder and CPO of Knowbl, as he engages in a captivating conversation with Kane Simms, founder of VUX World, a thought leader in the conversational AI landscape. Hear Kane's journey into AI and the inception of VUX World, delve into their insightful perspectives on the evolving AI landscape and the role of LLMs. We explore AI as the gateway to businesses, and gain valuable insights into AI adoption in enterprises. Kane also shares his invaluable seven considerations for contemplating AI integration, while also peering into the future of AI's trajectory over the next 3-5 years and its potential impact on our daily lives.
August 9, 2023

03: The Groundbreaker

This week Jay Wolcott is joined by Tom Lewis, Partner at Newport LLC, and a groundbreaker in the AI space. Tom talks about discovering the right tools to achieve your company's strategic initiatives, considering your ROI, and justifying investments in automation while delivering a superior experience compared to human interactions.
July 26, 2023

02: The Prophet

In this week’s podcast, host Jay Wolcott, Co-Founder and CEO of Knowbl, delves into the world of artificial intelligence and its impact on various industries. Joining is Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, a renowned expert in automated speech and natural language processing. With his vast knowledge and experience, Dan provides insightful analysis and expertise in conversational AI and intelligent automation.
July 25, 2023

01: The Hippie, The Hustler, The Hacker

In the inaugural episode of The Conversational AI Divide, our host, Jay Wolcott- co-founder and CEO of Knowbl is joined by co-founders Matt Taylor and Parker Hill. The three discuss topics such as the importance of Knowbl's work, the possibilities with LLMs, advice for brand leaders, and more.