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AI for Insurance

Artificial intelligence can be used in the insurance industry to assess risk, create the right policies at the right price, and process claims – without the high costs of labor and human error.


How AI can strengthen the insurance industry?

Knowbl’s AI insurance services can streamline your business and improve your conversational care. Boost your efficiency and allow our AI solutions to write policies, process claims, detect fraud, and bring in new business.

Create Custom Insurance Policies

Automatically analyze risks and assets, and write policies that are market competitive and profitable.

Process Claims Faster & Easier

No more wasted time for your claims adjusters. Let customers check the status of their claims using our AI chatbots.

Reduce Fraud & Reduce Waste

Using AI in the insurance industry can minimize fraudulent claims by comparing claims to weather reports, predictive analysis, and other data.

Attract New Customers

Knowbl’s AI data can analyze your current customers and reveal potential new ones. Your marketing team will thank you.

The BrandGPT Solution.

BrandGPT is the ultimate AI solution for insurance companies. Knowbl's Concierge connects to the sources you’d like it to learn from. These can be anything from existing knowledge bases and CRMs to website information and file uploads.

Knowbl will begin automatically adding context to your sources. Once your sources are linked, you’ll be able to design the look of your customer concierge and refine the overall interactive experience.

Test out your new AI features in our built-in Sandbox environment before launching, and then track real-time metrics and build custom reports through the Knowbl Dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

There’s a lot to consider before taking the leap into AI for your insurance company. Here are some common questions, and if you have more, we’re here for you.