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AI for the Automotive Industry

The use of AI in the automotive industry improves vehicle safety, elevates the customer experience, and increases brand loyalty. Learn more about our Automotive AI solutions today.

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Benefits of AI in the Automotive Industry

The use of AI in the automobile industry is full of potential to unlock. Leveraging AI in automotive companies can cut costs, improve safety, build brand loyalty, and keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Conversational Care

Meet your customers where they are and anticipate their needs throughout the life of their vehicle. AI can help drivers 24/7.

Maintenance Prediction

For authenticated experiences, AI uses data to predict maintenance needs before they become critical. Through artificial intelligence, you can let your customers know when, where, and why to service their vehicle, which can be scheduled through an AI concierge.

Customized Product Updates

New technology makes driving safer than ever. Ensure that your customers have access to the latest safety features and updates for their vehicles.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Engage your customers using personalized information and provide them with individualized attention. AI can help troubleshoot problems, send friendly maintenance reminders, and make sure your customers get the most out of their vehicle.

The BrandGPT Solution.

BrandGPT is the ultimate AI solutions company. Knowbl's Concierge connects to the sources you’d like it to learn from. These can be anything from existing knowledge bases and CRMs to website information and file uploads.

Knowbl will begin automatically adding context to your sources. Once your sources are linked, you’ll be able to design the look of your customer concierge and refine the overall interactive experience.

Test out your new AI features in our built-in Sandbox environment before launching, and then track real-time metrics and build custom reports through the Knowbl Dashboard.

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