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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

The use of AI in the retail industry maximizes profits, predicts consumer trends, and improves customer service. Learn more about our Retail AI solutions today.

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Benefits of AI Retail Solutions

Knowbl’s AI for retail directs you to the right promotion at the right time, helps with sustainability and efficiency, and ensures that your prices are aligned with the market and your bottom line.

Set the Right Price

Always set market-competitive prices while expanding your profit margins with AI in your retail stores.

Know When to Mark It Down

Sales, markdowns, and promotions are key for any retail business. Using AI in retail helps you know when and how to leverage promotional opportunities.

Predict Consumer Behavior

Stay ahead of trends instead of reacting to them. Retail artificial intelligence uses data from your existing customer base to predict and recommend what your customers may like in the future.

Improve Customer Service

Make sure that your customer service is always friendly, always helpful, and always on call with AI for retail. Offer more self-service options for your customers and automatically resolve most issues – without the high labor costs.

The BrandGPT Solution.

BrandGPT is the ultimate AI for retail solution. Knowbl's Concierge connects to the sources you’d like it to learn from. These can be anything from existing knowledge bases and CRMs to website information and file uploads.

Knowbl will begin automatically adding context to your sources. Once your sources are linked, you’ll be able to design the look of your customer concierge and refine the overall interactive experience.

Test out your new AI features in our built-in Sandbox environment before launching, and then track real-time metrics and build custom reports through the Knowbl Dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

There’s a lot to consider before taking the leap into Knowbl’s AI business solutions. Here are some common questions, and if you have more, we’re here for you.