Your CX Journey Is Broken – And You Can Fix It, Quickly

Your CX Journey Is Broken – And You Can Fix It, Quickly Featured Image

Amazing CX Looks Like…?

Think of the last time you found out about a new brand or product/service that intrigued you. What did you do to learn more about it?

Well, if you’re like 87% of shoppers out there, you began your discovery research online, starting with the brand’s web/mobile sites – its ‘Digital Front Door.’

And as you reflect on that experience, how was it? Were you able to find what you were looking for, and was it fast and easy? Were you able to get your questions answered quickly and clearly? Did you have to contact anyone for additional information because you got stuck? Overall, how did the experience compare to the last great experience you had with a different brand?

The Journey Is Broken in 2 Key Areas: Discovery & Consideration. Why…?

As customer experience (CX) professionals, we seem to place most of our focus on the Buy, Use/Service, and Re-Engage/Loyalty phases of the CX journey, while oftentimes glossing over the initial journey phases of Discovery and Consideration – which are THE first-impression-setters that significantly inform the Buy phase and beyond. AND which, unfortunately, are often broken due to subpar web/mobile site experience(s), outdated knowledge bases and FAQs, and under-performing chatbots, among other factors. Taken together, these factors are breaking a brand’s CX journeys in the critical early stages for one simple reason: They are inhibiting and/or fully preventing the fluid and intuitive self-service experience customers crave.

Further compounding this self-service breakage is that the issue is a meaningful blind spot for many brands. According to NICE’s 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report, there is a significant disconnect in how brands and consumers view both the performance and priority of their digital self-service. A few notable statistics tell the story:

  • In general: 53% of brands believe their customers are very satisfied with their self-service offerings – but only 15% of consumers agree.
  • Optionality & priority: 81% of consumers want MORE self-service options from brands – but 40% of businesses believe they have enough.
  • Make it smarter: 36% of consumers want smarter self-service offerings – but only 11% of businesses are prioritizing it.

… And the Stakes Are Very High

The consequences of these broken journeys impeding self-service for brands are incredibly high, especially in the post-pandemic world, where we’ve seen customer behaviors, attitudes, and preferences change dramatically. Consider these four (4) consumer mega-trends that will continue to accelerate and fuel the importance of quickly patching the holes in these journeys:

Combine these renewed customer mandates with the fact(s) that 62% of shoppers have reported giving up looking for what they want to buy due to a poor digital experience (Zona Research), and 52% expect a poor experience when they know a chatbot is coming, the gravity (and price) of the problem further increases (Forrester Research).

This Is Fixable—and Fast

While these journey potholes create significant cost and revenue implications if left unaddressed, there is a way forward. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, there is a better way to drive conversational and contextual self-service, and fix your Digital Front Door. At Knowbl we have invented an approach that provides brands speed, ease, and scalability of self-service intelligence derived from the real source(s) of truth – your current content. Depending on your specific intents, you can conservatively shift 7-10% of your current contact center volume to self-service almost immediately – which will significantly drive down operational costs, while simultaneously improving CX and revenue. Stop by and visit us at the technology showcase at CRS, or visit to learn more about how leading brands are ditching chatbots and delivering on next-gen digital self-service.

About Knowbl

Knowbl provides every business the ability to quickly create conversational AI solutions that can be deployed across any digital user interface, including but not limited to search, chat, voice and agent assist. The Knowbl Platform takes your existing content, structured and unstructured, and automatically conversationalizes it so that your employees and customers can get the information they ask for on demand.